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"I scheduled an appointment with Marc O’Meara, a nutritionist at Brigham & Women’s hospital who specializes in diabetes and who explained that the primary way the brain knows that the body has eaten is through protein, so every meal should contain protein.  He also said that I need to exercise portion control, and that if I do eat any carbohydrates (even fruit or wine), I should eat at least an equal amount of protein. This has been my approach to food since that first meeting, and I have completely cut out sugared soda and high-carb desserts."

"When Marc suggested I eat Greek yogurt, I said, 'yeah, right'”  Then I found Sofia’s Greek Pantry in Belmont, where I could buy yummy, homemade Greek yogurt and sweeten it with stevia (an all-natural, calorie-free sweetener).  This is just one example of finding ways to build your diet around what is best for your situation.  People will tell you how they lost weight or how they think you should eat, but aside from your medical professionals, the best advice you can get is from your own body…it will tell you what it needs."

"So far, I have lost about 60 pounds (a number which varies slightly from day to day based on what I’ve eaten or drunk). That weight loss hasn’t changed much since June, but I’ve been working to transform the fat I still have into muscle…this is a much longer process (at my age).  I’ve successfully reduced my A1C level from 8.2 to 5.8, which is in the “normal” range.  I still have much more to go, with my eventual goal being a total loss of 75-80 pounds, while continuing to improve my muscle tone and keeping the diabetes in check."

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"Marc O'Meara is phenomenal. Often, by the time they see him; they've already tried many programs such as Weight Watchers and have met other nutritionists outside of BWH. Marc has a knack for motivating them, educating them, following up with them and getting great results. He is a special and cherished resource at BWH."

"Marc is especially skilled with my cardiovascular patients. I refer a high volume of patients to him and he is able to motivate them and make crucial improvements that prolong their well-being and their lives."

 Samuel Z. Goldhaber, MD
    Cardiovascular Division
    Brigham and Women's Hospital


“Marc O’Meara is superb. He is exceedingly thorough and professional with patients. He covers all the pertinent clinical issues in depth and with solid scientific knowledge and he communicates efficiently with other providers on ongoing cases.”

“Thank you for your support. I wish that I have enough words to express my gratitude. I admire and respect you enormously, I feel privileged and very fortunate to be your colleague.”

Marcelo Montorzi, M.D. 
Associate Physician 
Internal Medicine 
Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Center for International Medicine


"I have heard several times, from families that had not had good interactions with nutritionists in the past, that he was really great, better than any other nutritionist they ever saw. I have heard his advice myself and find it quite tailored to the specific patient he is seeing and consider Marc one of our top nutritionists."

Sarah de Ferranti, MD MPH
Director, Preventive Cardiology Clinic
Department of Cardiology
Children's Hospital


“Marc O'Meara is a gifted dietician, combining his skill as a dietician with an understanding of the complexity of changing eating habits. Our patients enjoy his respectful, relaxed, informative approach and feel that he supports their strengths while he teaches them to eat more healthy. I have worked with Marc for over fifteen years in a variety of settings and with a wide variety of patients and can personally attest to the significant impact Marc has on patient's lives, eating habits and weight. It is my pleasure and a true delight to have Marc as a colleague.”

Eileen Stuart-Shor, PhD, NP
Nurse Practitioner and Principal Investigator, Roxbury Heart and Sole
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
Cardiology Research Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School


“Marc, thanks again. You’ve been incredibly influential for so many of my patients! I so appreciate it.”

“I cannot endorse Marc more highly. Without exception, every single patient I have sent him in consultation has returned to my office singing  his praises. They find him a tremendous source of information and advice, but he skillfully delivers this content in a practical, logical  way.”

Brigham and Women's Hospital, MD



“He is fabulous…very thorough…very responsive…very organized. I think he has been an excellent dietitian and easy to work with. Families feel that he is very knowledgeable.”

Annette Baker, NP
Children’s Hospital Boston
Cardiology Department




In an email to Dr. Bass: “I met with Marc, the nutritionist. I must admit I approached this with a less-than-optimistic attitude thinking I was going to be given lists of foods and made to feel crummy about the way I eat, as has happened with other nutritionists. Marc was great. He taught me about the balancing of the food groups and how one group affects the way another group is handled by my system. He was very supportive and made me feel I was doing a number of things rights.”

Steve Coren, patient


“Thanks to you I am down to 168 pounds (started at 201.5 lbs) and my waist is at 32 inches! I have not been this weight since my early 20’s so I am ecstatic! Meanwhile, I can’t express how grateful I am for all your support and guidance.”

Wanda Quatrale, patient


“Just a note of many thanks for all your help this summer with my new, healthful diet. I’m so happy- and relieved- the efforts have yielded success! Let’s hope I never have to take statins.”

M.C.V., patient


“I had a consultation with you yesterday, regarding my new diet plans as a post-op heart patient. Our meeting was extremely fruitful; I now have a much clearer idea of what the limits are. Many thanks.”

Gene H. Bell-Villada, patient


“I found your article on emotional eating absolutely wonderful. Stop, breathe, reflect and choose! I have lost 38 pounds now and my compulsive eating challenges me minute by minute. Thanks you so much for that very simple yet important advice. Stop, breathe, reflect and choose just may have saved my life.”

P.C., patient





“You met with my husband, A.B., and me three months ago at the suggestion of our PCP. We want to thank you for helping us both understand how we might change our eating habits. The simple diagram of the plates: the proportion of fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydrates is still posted in the kitchen, and we’ve really been able to stick to the new colorful way to eat. I’ve lost five pounds and my husband has lost about eight – we still have a few pounds to go, but regardless, we are feeling great and are confident in our ability to make this new way of eating a lifetime choice. It was clear after just a week of increased fruit and vegetables, that the extra thought and a bit more time in the kitchen would be worth it for both if us.”

J.B., wife of a patient


“Very dynamic speaker, obviously highly educated in this field. Great!”

“Easy to understand content and great presentation style”

“[I like that] he [Marc] provided examples from his own regimen.”

“He covered so much. Really hit home.”

“Casual, informative atmosphere.”

“Presenter stayed on target and offered concrete suggestions.”

“Clear, well-organized, well presented and articulate.”


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